We at the Bed and Biscuit are very proud of our Personalized Pamper Time programs. All of these activities were created with our guests in mind. We know when you drop a part of your family off at the Bed and Biscuit you will be concerned about the care he/she will receive.

How much one on one attention we will give your dog? How much personal attention it will receive? Is he/she be alone a lot? Is he/she be bored? What we would like to tell you is…..DO NOT WORRY!

We all know dogs are pack animals, they want to be around people or at least other dogs. We have these activities and treats to make our guests busy during the day so they will have a quiet, restful night. Even when they are in their rooms they can see us walking around, checking on their blankets, refreshing their water or just call their names. You can be sure, we will make every effort to give your dog as much personal attention as possible.

Not only is group play great exercise for your pet, it provides valuable socialization that is required for most dogs. It will keep your dog entertained and ensure well-rested nights during his/her stay.

Individual leash walk or play time is one on one with a human playmate for about 10 minutes. There are no other dogs involved, your dog won’t have any interaction with other dogs.

We have to evaluate your dog behavior with other dogs in order to have him or her participate in the group activities. Group play is for about 30-35 minutes. And always supervised by a human playmate.

We have a grassy half acre fenced yard, with 2500 square feet covered, so it can rain or shine, we can enjoy the outdoors with our quests all year long.

Our Rates