Professional pet boarding vs. Pet sitting
The following views are not intended to disparage or down trod the many Professional Pet Sitters who operate under professional standards and are bonded and licensed. These are a compilation of customer reflections gathered over our 10 year plus kennel business experience.

These observations are meant to offer a comparison between professional pet sitting and professional pet boarding. While we are sure that there are many excellent and diligent pet sitters, please check the references, insurances and licenses of any whom you may consider.

Pet Sitter or Pet Checker?
The term “pet sitter” implies someone “continually sitting or staying” with your pet the entire time you are gone! In most cases, however, it would be better to use the term “pet checker” as most “sitters” only visit and check on your pet once or twice during a twenty-four hour period.

Many times there is little or no constant supervision, exercise or companionship. There are differences between a boarding kennel and a pet “checker” service…..and you should know about them before you leave your pet(s) home alone.
Many misconceptions exist between what pet care professionals can provide and what pet checkers do in the absence of pet owners. We would like to call your attention to a few points, please read them and make your decision with the best interest of your pet in mind.

Separation Anxiety
Pets suffer emotional stress when their owners leave whether they’re left at home or placed in a boarding facility. It’s how those providing the care respond that makes the difference in the pet’s emotional well being. Boarded pets do not destroy carpeting, drapes, landscaping or your relationship with your neighbors.

Pet Checker Situation:

  • Pet left HOME ALONE as much as 23 out of 24 Hour
  • The checker will bring in the mail, bring in the newspaper, water the plants, turn on the lights in different rooms, open and close the blinds, how much time the pet checker will actually spend with your pet?
  • Your pet may spill its drinking water and won’t have anybody to refill it for 24 hours.
  • Pet may suffer from separation anxiety and extreme boredom
  • With no social interaction the pet may become ill or bark nonstop
  • Pet may suffer needlessly due to delayed treatment for illness or accident
  • Pet may destroy home, yard and belongings or even forget house training
  • Pet may run away to find his owner or hurt himself trying, especially during thunderstorms and fireworks

Boarding at the Bed and Biscuit:
Bed and Biscuit offers a structured social environment with loving caregivers and other pets present. Social interaction and routines are designed for the pet’s physical and emotional health.

Many pets that end up as strays or in shelters have escaped from the yard while the owner was away. Our facility has 8’ high perimeter fencing and all guests are continually monitored.

Disorders such as bloat, diarrhea and heatstroke need prompt attention. At home accidents such as ingesting household poisons, injuries or bee stings can be fatal if not treated immediately. Boarded pets are continually monitored for early signs of illness or stress by our full-time trained staff. Your pet’s well-being is our 1st priority.

Pets requiring regular medication should receive it on schedule and be monitored for side effects. Every effort will be made to keep convalescing pets comfortable, clean, eating and eliminating.

  • Our brand new state-of-the-art facility offers spacious, private indoor/outdoor kennel runs for all of our guests.
  • All kennel runs are cleaned and disinfected every single morning and during the day, if needed.
  • Fresh water is available at all times.
  • We supply quality food at no extra cost (if you prefer, you may bring your own)
  • The indoor facility is climate-controlled with heated floors and fresh air exchange
  • Windows, colorful kennel runs and music in the boarding facility, offer a bright, cheerful atmosphere.
  • Dogs are exercised in our half acre play yard outside (weather permitting) or in our covered play area
  • Social interaction & daily routines that are designed for your pets’ physical, mental, and emotional well being: i.e. individual playtimes, group play activities, good-night treats, midday doggie ice cream and smoked meaty bones to chew on.
  • A daily report is kept on each pet to monitor health, attitude, food intake, medication administered and waste.

Full grooming or bath, brush- out and nails are offered to all guests, for an extra charge, on last day of boarding.